Norges Vel’s controller manages reported incidents related to suspicion of financial irregularities regarding Norges Vel’s projects and alerts of harassment by Norges Vel’s partners and employees. 

Norges Vel has zero tolerance for corruption and harassment, so we work hard to fight it both within our own organisation, our partner organisations and in our projects.

You can choose to report anonymously 

You do not need to have any “proof” relating to the incidents you are reporting, but it is important that you distinguish between what you know is a fact and what you believe. You may also provide information as to how you became aware of the incident(s). 

The incident report should include the following

  • Which organisation your report concerns
  • Country and name of the project/agreement the report concerns
  • When and where the incident(s) concerning this case took place
  • A brief description of the incident/ case
  • Attachments (if you have) 
  • Place, date name and contact details of the informer

The notification can be sent to
If you choose to notify anonymously, the email should be marked "Confidential notification".

Norges Vel takes all notifications seriously and it is safe to notify us.